Coast to Coast – An Exodus (14 days)

Dave Lucas first walked this route back in December 2007 as he searched for unclimbed rock faces to ascend. On his return he realized that the beauty of the paths and vistas themselves, on top of the feeling of travelling from one gulf to another, are reason enough to walk the route.



This entire trek is almost impassable for vehicles and we will thus be using camels to carry the needed food and water. At times the path will take us to areas where even the camels can't reach, and they will detour to meet us at the evening's campsite. In some parts of the excursion the only other footprints we will follow will belong to ibex or the lonely hidden farmer. Having camels, our 'ships of the desert' laden with our food and water, will mean that we can be self sufficient for numerous days at a time.

This is more of a journey than a trek, it cuts a line across the desert, from the eastern edge of the Sinai at the Gulf of Aquaba to the Gulf of Suez on the western edge. This adventure will be taking you deep into the desert and show off the many facets and secrets it has to offer. The lowland sandstone wadis with their hidden canyons and capping sand dunes, the highland jagged granite peaks that scrape the blue sky over two and a half kilometers above the tropical waters of the Red Sea and finally the seemingly forgotten deep wadis and barren slopes in the south that are home to the illusive wolves, hyenas and possibly still the leopard.

The Bedouin say you can only really know someone once you have shared a meal and walked in their company. You will not only be sharing meals with them but you will also be helping to cook it, all the while learning the skills of cooking bread in the fire and roasting goat buried in the ground. While walking and asking questions of your guides and cameleers, you will learn more Bedouin secrets of living in the desert such as the medicinal value of plants, how to find water and many other essential survival skills.

At the end of each great day the fire will be a glowing pile of embers harboring a slow boiling kettle brewing tea. You will lie back on your bed of desert sands and stare up at the night sky whilst looking forward to the rest of your adventure, one that will create undoubtedly create memories to last a lifetime.

Sheikh Sina reserve the right to modify all our treks without notice in accordance with changing conditions in the area.