Speciality Treks

Our specialty treks are unique, long, and logistically complex. Involving guides and camels from different tribal territories is always a political challenge, but despite the possible hiccups, hikers will discover the whole of South Sinai, either by walking from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Gulf of Suez, or by circling the peninsula to catch the most stunning mountains on offer. After these treks, you will know South Sinai better than many Bedouin!

Coast to Coast - An Exodus (14 days)

treks-sinai-trailDave Lucas first walked this route back in December 2007 as he searched for unclimbed rock faces to ascend. On his return he realized that the beauty of the paths and vistas themselves, on top of the feeling of travelling from one gulf to another, are reason enough to walk the route.

Fangs of the Moon (15 days)

treks-egypt-peaksTwo possible origins of the word Sinai are from the word Sen meaning teeth in reference to the mountains or from the word Sin the goddess of the moon. When you are here and witness the brightness of the moon shining of the flanks of the jagged peaks you will believe both.