Sand and Sea (10 days)

Variety is at the core of the Sand and Sea trek. Hikers choosing this program will walk through remote deserts expanses, over massive sand dunes, wind through hidden canyons, bask in the shade of age old oases, and have the chance to ride camels on the long wadi stretches that link these marvelous attractions.



From beautiful sandstone formations, to massive granite peaks, to open sandy plateaus this hike offers a great overview of South Sinai's unique geological make-up. Begin you time with a bit of snorkeling in one of the remote Nuweiba beach camps and reward your tired legs at the finish with a refreshing plunge in the red sea in Ras Abu Gallum, just north of Dahab.

Walking through two different tribal territories, the Terabin in the North and the Muzeina in the South, trekkers will live a true Bedouin experience. In fact, groups of 10 or more will enjoy sleeping in the Bedouin tents (Beit el Shaar) set up for them every night.

Starting in a remote beach camp north of Nuweiba and ending at the nationally protected beach of Ras Abu Gallum, this 'horseshoe' trek offers stunning variety. With colorful canyons, green oases, sandy plateaus, large dunes, stretches of open desert and narrow gorges, the hiker will get a good overview of South Sinai's unique topography. 2 days are open to either rest and relaxation or individual exploring in especially beautiful areas.

Guides and Cameleers for this Trek are drawn from the Terabin tribe, one of the largest in South Sinai. Their people have been missing out on much of the tourist trade over the past 10 years as more influx has gone to towns in its neighbor's territories such as Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab and St. Catherine's. This trek directly benefits the Terabin people giving work to their families.

Sheikh Sina reserve the right to modify all our treks without notice in accordance with changing conditions in the area.