Mountain Vistas (5 days)

It's all in the name! This hike is about beautiful views. Your legs will be tired, your lungs will be craving for air at times, but the rewards are stunning views of an alpine desert few have had the chance to witness.



Day 1.

The first day is a short warm-up, involving a relaxing 4 hour hike to the Ecolodge of Al Karm in Sheikh Awad. Thought you have left the amenities of city life behind you will feel right at home in this Bedouin run and remotely located guest house.

Day 2.

The next day we attack our first peak, Gebel Banat. It's a scrappy climb, but on top of its large granite surface views of the Gulf of Suez on one side are just as stunning as those of Mt. Sinai and Mt. St. Catherine's on the other. It will be hard to leave this first vista, but there are more to come and we must join our cameleers who have set up camp beyond Wadi Nugra below, an open valley full of giant boulders.

Day 3.

After breakfast on the third day the hike continues through Bustan el Birka, with its old abandoned gardens and many well preserved Byzantine ruins scattered around on the surrounding hills. The day starts in earnest once we pass the settlement of Abu Tuweita and reach the green valley of It'laH where we will stop for a break before attacking the steep ascent of Wadi Shaq Tinya. At the top, the reward is Kharazet el Shaq, one of the last remaining pools with water. Wash the sweat of the climb off with a dip before the last stretch to the well tended garden in Abu Tuweita where we'll finally rest our weary legs after a long but stunning day.

Day 4.

After a difficult day, the fourth will be shorter and much more relaxing. We will linger in the garden after breakfast before starting the trek to the Castle of Himli Abbas Pasha, the only big ascent. Stay up to soak in the views of the town of St. Catherine's below, and watch the sunset change the colors of the surrounding mountains before an hour's walk down to our campsite in the comfortable garden of Wadi Zaiwateen.

Day 5.

The final day's destination has been in sight since the second day. Mt. St. Catherine's towering above all her sisters is the final vista to catch, and 4 days of trekking have prepared us for what lies ahead. Ascending 850 meters to the church dedicated to the patroness of the town below, it's the top of Egypt. From there we will see the entirety of the past 5 day adventure, and can be proud to see how much of this Alpine desert we have covered. A descent towards Wadi Arbaeen and its monastery signals the approach back to the village. You will appreciate more than ever the comforts of the Bedouin camp, with showers, clean sheets and a big celebratory meal as the group recounts the beautiful vistas cameras can only attempt to capture.

Sheikh Sina reserve the right to modify all our treks without notice in accordance with changing conditions in the area.