Five Canyons (5 days)

The group meets up in one of the remote beach camps in Nuweiba. You will be welcomed by the Terrabin tribe, who will have made all preparations including cameleers and guides for the next 5 days. Choose to spend a night in the camp and get a bit of snorkeling in before departing, or leave right away it's up to you.



Day 1.

The trek begins in Wadi Milha a twisting valley leading to Wish Washi where we'll enjoy our first tea stop. The morning continues up the valley and opens into a beautiful red sandy basin and a large oasis where we'll stop for lunch in the shade of palm trees. We'll need the energy as the largest climb of the day looms ahead. A half hour beyond the climb we meet the next two canyons of the hike, as closed canyon - which requires a bit of scrambling up and under large boulders - leads to the colored canyon, a hot-spot on the Sinai tourist circuit. We move on, walking over a plateau strewn with colorful glass-like pebbles before dropping down into the valley where our first night will be spent in soft sand.

Day 2.

The second day is the longest. We will walk in the cool morning air and have the option of washing at a small oasis surrounded by old Bedouin settlements. The water is too salty to drink, but is sure nice to rinse off with. The next highlight is rainbow canyon a beautiful place to stop for lunch and thus have the time to explore. The afternoon is a long 9 km stretch of sand, which may be a good time to hop on a camel until reaching the evening's campsite in a remote oasis surrounded by gardens.

Day 3.

The next morning we leave the oasis and alternative agriculture behind and walk a long straight stretch for two hours. The valley, with mountains towering on either side gives the feeling of a grand avenue the world's biggest cities can only attempt to replicate. The path leads to a long sandy ascending valley, another good opportunity to ride the camel for tired legs. The top, a huge Sand Dune with beautiful views, will be the night's campsite.

Day 4.

Today is open to either relaxation or exploration of the surrounding sandstone peaks giving you time to enjoy this stunning area thoroughly.

Day 5.

The final day towards Ain Khodra is also stunning. A narrow winding gulley will take us off the giant sand dune and through some remote canyons, made of chalk and sandstone. An ascent to the col of Il Halel is where we cross the border from Terrabin into Muzeina territory. Beautiful sanstone structures and open soft sandy plateaus are the scenery that accompany us to our final destination. After hours of walking through wind and sand, the sight of Ain Khodra's large green palm trees is beautiful. There is water to spare there, so rinse off and sit around the arisha sipping tea and recounting the stories of your adventure. Which was your favorite canyon?

Sheikh Sina reserve the right to modify all our treks without notice in accordance with changing conditions in the area.