Leisure Treks

Our Leisure treks are very accessible, designed with most anyone in mind; anyone that is, who is looking for a bit of exertion along with their vacation. Walking days can be upwards of 6 hours often over mountains and down into valleys. The reward for tired legs are beautiful views, fresh mountain air and the satisfaction of arriving at your destination whether that be a remote ecolodge, an oasis, a walled orchard or your guesthouse in St. Catherine's.

Mountain Vistas (5 days)

treks-sinai-mountainsIt's all in the name! This hike is about beautiful views. Your legs will be tired, your lungs will be craving for air at times, but the rewards are stunning views of an alpine desert few have had the chance to witness.

Five Canyons (5 days)

treks-sinai-canyonsThe group meets up in one of the remote beach camps in Nuweiba. You will be welcomed by the Terrabin tribe, who will have made all preparations including cameleers and guides for the next 5 days. Choose to spend a night in the camp and get a bit of snorkeling in before departing, or leave right away it's up to you.

Sand and Sea (10 days)

treks-sinai-desertVariety is at the core of the Sand and Sea trek. Hikers choosing this program will walk through remote deserts expanses, over massive sand dunes, wind through hidden canyons, bask in the shade of age old oases, and have the chance to ride camels on the long wadi stretches that link these marvelous attractions.