The Great Escape (8 day)

This trek will be exactly as it is called, a great escape. At times we will be walking on paths so forgotten that we will need to say a farewell to our camels and then carry our food and equipment on our own backs, collecting water from wells and springs along the way. During exploration and mapping of this trek we stumbled across gardeners that were surprised to see us, as trekkers rarely walk past them. Over the 8 trekking days we will likely not see any other trekkers, if we do, it will only be in the last two days when we enter the well trodden trails of the high mountain region.



Starting from the blue desert we will walk a 155km horseshoe loop through the southern highlands of the Sinai Desert. Ascending the two highest peaks in Egypt and winding through deep wadis, past palm trees, over dry waterfalls and squeezing though narrow passes. We'll explore the ancient trade routes, pilgrim trails, a ruined monastery and small Bedouin settlements. The path at times disappears completely and we will be left climbing gullies and along ridges following, at the best, only Ibex trails. At 6681m of vertical ascent we will be climbing higher then the highest mountaintops in all of Europe, Australia, Africa and North America.