Off the beaten path (5 days)

This trek will put you on trails whose only prints are left by donkeys, foxes and ibex. You will scale the two highest mountains on the peninsula, including Umm Shomar, whose rugged face has challenged and awed those who have attempted it's ascent. Ending in the city of El Tur, this hike is on the path of one of the pilgrim routes to St. Catherine's. a path that has now not been in use for centuries.



Day 1.

Day one takes us from the town of St. Catherine's up Wadi Arbaeen along the Massif of Mt. Sinai and to the top of Egypt - Mt. St. Catherine's. From her summit, we have views of the entire South Sinai Peninsula and the route we will be taking over the next few days. Umm Shomar, the next ascension looms 35 km further on the southern horizon. We have lunch on the summit before heading down the eastern face of the massif and into Rotok, where very few trekkers venture. If it's the season, we will be greeted by farmers at the base, before heading all the way down the valley for the first night in a Bedouin shelter.

Day 2.

After breakfast we embark on a long journey down the sandy valleys of Wadi Rahaba, a large desert expanse encircled by granite peaks. We come across one of the national park's buildings, no longer in use and settled by Sheikh Ramadan and his family. It's a great place to stop for a first tea before another 8 km to the next water point at Zaiwateen. Here we'll have lunch before embarking on a beautiful descent down the El Breka gorge, the sun leaving its last light on tomorrow's goal - Egypt's second highest peak, which for many years, before accurate readings, was thought to be the highest. .

Day 3.

Departing early from our camp in Wadi Rumhan in the shadow of Gebel Umm Shomar, we set out for her summit. First a climb toward the pass of Diset Narhla, will give us a view of the impressive grade we can expect over the following few hours. A tough climb, Umm Shomar has not been scaled by many, but once on top of this peak, it is difficult to find the will to leave the stunning views it offers behind. We have lunch and tea up there, lingering as long as possible before heading back down to regain the campsite in one of Wadi Rumhan's numerous oases.

Day 4.

The fourth day is a descent. a long slow descent towards the city of El Tur. These valleys drain all the water from the mountains around and are very lush, in fact in the spring months, we can often find water running through the ancient riverbed, always an exciting site in a desert. Wadi Mugawed joins Wadi Isla a beautiful Canyon, at whose mouth we will stop for the night, the lights of El Tur beckoning in the distance.

Day 5.

The final day is a short walk to the jeep that will drive us over the sandy plain to the city of El Tur, where we will enjoy a good meal of fresh fish and discuss all the adventures of the past 4 days off the beaten path. Here we have the option to take a bus back to Cairo, Sharm, Dahab or the microbus to St. Catherine's.

Sheikh Sina reserve the right to modify all our treks without notice in accordance with changing conditions in the area.