Adventure Treks

Our Adventure Treks are not for everyone, designed with experienced trekkers in mind, those who are up for long walks often over difficult terrain without footpaths and in very remote locations. Walking days can be upwards of 8 hours. You will leave comforts behind and sleep in the often harsh conditions of the desert. These treks are not for the weak of body or spirit but those who choose them will come back having learned much by pushing the limits and experiencing a new way of life. You won't easily forget this adventure!

Peak to peak to peak... (5 days)

treks-mountains-sinaiThis trek is all about mountain tops; in fact every day has at least one ascent some of which are on fairly rough terrain. Those who want to conquer the high mountain region and have a perspective from almost every possible angle should choose this hike. It's tough, but never too grueling for those wanting a good adventure.

Off the beaten path (5 days)

treks-egypt-sinaiThis trek will put you on trails whose only prints are left by donkeys, foxes and ibex. You will scale the two highest mountains on the peninsula, including Umm Shomar, whose rugged face has challenged and awed those who have attempted its ascent. Ending in the city of El Tur, this hike is on the path of one of the pilgrim routes to St. Catherine's... a path that has now not been in use for centuries.

Great Escape (8 days)

treks-sinai-egyptThis trek will be exactly as it is called, a great escape. At times we will be walking on paths so forgotten that we will need to say a farewell to our camels and then carry our food and equipment on our own backs, collecting water from wells and springs along the way. During exploration and mapping of this trek we stumbled across gardeners that were surprised to see us, as trekkers rarely walk past them. Over the 8 trekking days we will likely not see any other trekkers, if we do, it will only be in the last two days when we enter the well trodden trails of the high mountain region.