Although many companies do not offer travel insurance at present for Sinai, there are a few who do.

UK Nationals

Think Travel Insurance can provide cover in areas not advised by the British FCO:

Bellwood Prestbury is another company covering UK residents in the FCO’s “orange zone”:

Campbell Irvine provides cover in all areas and a range of activities:
Make sure to call, as their basic insurance might not be what you need. General number is 020 7937 6981, or call Matt Tompkins on 020 7368 1148

Crisis Insurance provides High Risk Accident and Travel Insurance:

AKE Insurance offers cover for Special Risks:

UK and other nationals

Battleface also provides specialist Medical Emergency and Evacuation insurance in areas not advised by your government:

Safe Passage International offers plans that meet the unique needs of

The Austrian Alpine Club also covers all nationals and apart from Austria has groups in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Poland. They provide Mountain Rescue Insurance; worldwide, without age limit and inclusive of repatriation.
Austria (German):
United Kingdom (English):
Belgium (Flemish):
Poland (Polish):

Bupa Global is another company covering all nationals:

Travel Insuran Cecenter is an American company providing High Risk Destinations Insurance, and they also cover non US citizens:

Important note: Check carefully the details and have everything in writing from the company’s underwriters!