Our Short Walks are easy and accessible. Never exceeding four hours of walking a day, they are designed with families and less thrill seeking hikers in mind. Families, couples, or anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life will enjoy our relaxation walks and come back feeling fully refreshed.

Mount Sinai walks

mt-sinai-sunriseWe do Mount Sinai a different way! Instead of climbing from the Monastery, we go via Wadi Arbain, thus we see more. And instead of walking in the darkness, we start the hikes during day-light. We reach the summit just before sunset, to enjoy the silence and watch the spectacle. Normally we return to town before total darkness, but visitors have the option of sleeping on the top and seeing the sunrise too. There are two different options:

  1. Short walk - we start 3-3.5 hours before sunset and follow the most direct route.
  2. Full-day walk - We start in the morning and explore the Safsafa basins before climbing Mt. Sinai for the sunset.

These are short, but fairly demanding walks, but you can hire a camel that can take you most of the way. If you decide to sleep on the top, there are different options. 

Wadi Itlah

An easy walk mostly downhill...

Dr. Ahmed, Ubugiya


Secret Gardens Walk

The Secret Gardens Walk is designed for those wanting to experience the tranquility and stunning beauty of the high mountain region, but who may not have the fitness level for hours of walking every day. Stops in 3 different Bedouin gardens will give you a taste for true Hospitality as tea is kept warm on an open fire, bread is made before your eyes, fresh fruit is plucked off the tree for your enjoyment and everything is done to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Read, nap, exchange stories with your guides, take a short walk around the garden. the days are wide open with only one directive - Relax! 2-3-4-5... days!

Ein Hodra and the White Canyon

Ein Hodra is the gem of Sinai... 

can be done in a few hours, stopping on the way to/from St Catherine's, but we recommend to stay overnight.

relax, climb, explore

The Nawamis Site

Curious historic site... can be visited on the way to/from St Catherine's...

easy, short...

optional: Jebel Matamir