Mount Sinai Ecolodge


  • Hidden behind Mt. Sinai, away from the tourist crowds.
  • Within walking distance of St Katherines’ monastery.
  • Only 20 minutes drive from the town of St Katherines.

Use the Mt. Sina ecolodge as your starting point to fully experience Moses famous mountain. Whether you wish to climb for sunset, sunrise or fully immerse yourself with a full day program, viewing everything the mountain has to offer, the Mt. Sina ecolodge offers the perfect base away from the 1,000’s of tourist who flock daily to this religious landmark.

The ecolodge can also be used as your start or finish point for a variety of Sheikh Sina treks across the whole of South Sinai.


  • 2 triple rooms
  • 4 double rooms
  • Solar heated showers
  • Composting toilets
  • Large restaurant

Every effort has been made to make the Mt. Sina ecolodge ecologically sustainable. The whole Ecolodge is built from rocks in the area and the construction was by local Bedouin workers.  There is no electricity, instead solar lights show the pathways and candles are used for indoor lighting.

Furthermore, it assures employment to the local Bedouin community. This results in a stronger incentive to preserve their resources and support tourism projects which promote the protection of the environment.


The Mt. Sina ecolodge is perfectly located for experiencing everything that Moses mountain has to offer, away from the tourist crowds. We offer 3 tailored programs to cater for all tastes:

  • The complete Mt Sinai Experience: Spend a full day exploring the mountain. Visit a traditional Bedouin garden. Complete your day by taking in the sunset from the summit before returning to the ecolodge.
  • Sunset walk.
  • Sunrise walk.

The ecolodge is also conveniently located for visiting St Katherines’ monastery. The monastery is only an hour and half walk.

Day treks can also be arranged to nearby Mt. Katherine, Egypt’s highest mountain.

For those who want to experience more of the High Mountain region, or South Sinai in general, then Sheikh Sina also offers a variety of treks for all abilities, many of which can either begin or finish at the Mt. Sina ecolodge.

Bedouin Hospitality and food:

As our guests you will experience the time-honoured hospitality and culture of the Gebaliya Bedouin, in a simple setting that echoes many of the traditional Bedouin ways of life in this region.

All our bread is freshly made daily in the traditional Bedouin style. Beside our fixed breakfast and Dinner which consists of delicious traditional meals, we offer a variety of “western” sandwiches served in local bread. French fries can be additionally made to meet kids’ appetites. Fresh vegetables and salads are served to ensure you a healthy stay at our lodge. Additionally, seasonal fruit is served for a healthy dessert. To keep the natural atmosphere, all our food and beverages are served in natural clay dishes.

How to get here:

From St Katherine village we can help you arrange a transfer or a guide to get to Mt. Sina ecolodge.