About Sheikh Sina

Sheikh Sina is a Bedouin-run Trek Operator. With a large workforce, drawn from 8 different tribes, it currently serves the existing but little known mountain tourism industry in South Sinai. We aim to place South Sinai's mountain circuits as a premium destination on the world's trekking map.

Bedouin Guides

bedouin-guides-sinaiThe local guides speak several languages; English, Hebrew and German are just some of them. On the hikes they will share stories and knowledge about this special location, the age-old crossroad between Africa and Eurasia, where east meets west. Steeped in history, the Sinai has been crossed by traders and pilgrims alike for millennia. The Bedouin guides will explain the cultural, religious, architectural and geopolitical history of the region. They will also point out the unique flora on the peninsula, including a wide variety of medicinal plants growing along the mountain and wadi routes.


Sheikh Sina was founded by an EU funded initiative that equips Bedouin guides with the management, first aid and language skills necessary to lead mountain tourism operations in South Sinai and give hikers a rewarding and safe hiking experience. The initiative is also assisting in the building several ecolodges in the region.